Répási Andrea

The R&SZ Info was founded in 2002. At the beginning I used to deal with 2D graphic works (mainly designing of company images; business cards brochures and other leaflets).

Later on the 3D graphic works came into the picture. That can be far more then a fancy design element in the company image - it can make the presentations even more spectacular in order to explain every details in hard-to-understand working processes or technical details to the partners.

I can build up any kind of tools or machines in an absolute "real-like" form - that can be used to present every details of that even in large scale. Based on the conceptual design I can build up the full visualization of the given good or idea.

With the 3D visualization of buildings; recreation parks and other facilities the expected future of the concept can be presented in a spectacular and effective way to our investors or partners.

Beyond the plain 3D technology with the help of the Virtual Reality we can even step into the virtual space in order to check the visualized concept in a "reality" 360 degree around us. It is an amazing experience!

The 3D graphics is suitable for presenting the reality or a concept in a realistic form.

  • IF you would like to present something what exists only in designs,
  • IF you have some "hard-to-understand" topics what you would like to present in a simple way,
  • If you would like to express the visual experiences "only",
  • IF a prototype is so expensive to build in real

 THEN go with the 3D solutions!